Mega Unit Technology Ltd. was founded in 2013 with a mission to develop the world’s most innovate bicycle accessories and parts in order to provide advanced safety, smart and fun values to every cyclist.



We are a family and love cycling together. We believe the best teams are those that work well together with the same goal in mind.

Reporting that many cycling accidents such as getting hit by car and collision with obstacles occurred at night, the main reason was that they were not enough visibility and observability on the road. And from our cycling experiences, we find that the traditional bicycle lighting devices which are not very helpful, so we came up with Speednite which providing the smart lighting and indicating system to every cyclist for efficiently increasing the overall visibility and observability in order to prevent accidents occur.

Please share SPEEDNITE to your friends in order to make cycling to be more safe and joyful together!! Thank you very much!!!

We must keep moving for our life!! Lets make it to be more SAFETY, SMART and FUN together!!

SPEEDNITE: The First Head Motion Controlled Lighting Stem for Bikes


Please support us by helping spread out the SPEEDNITE to your friends, and lets make cycling more safety, smart and fun !!