How it works:





Smart Tiltable Headlight with Powerful 800LM

Speednite integrated with tiltable headlight that featuring vertical movement of maximum 90°, it can be configured by the Speednite App. And it can be controlled by head motion sensor or wireless control.


Smart Direction Laser Indication

Speednite has a smart sides laser indication which can allow you to tell other road users what your next turn is by the flashing of laser signal on the road. It can be controlled by the head sensor or handlebar remote.


Smart Rear Light (Auto Brake Signal)

We received a lot of feedbacks from customers that Speednite should come with a Rear Light for providing more significant light signals. Such as left/right indications and auto-brake indication. Therefore, we provided a Smart Rear Light as an add-on to the Speednite.


Integrated Cycling Computer

Speednite embedded with a cycling computer which can display speed, cadence and heart rate data once it has connected with those Bluetooth devices. Also, it can be connected with the Speednite App to achieve other valued-added functions. Such as GPS Tracking and cycling training report.


Auto SOS warning

For increasing the safety for cycling at night, we added on the Auto SOS warning function to Speednite. When an accident occurs, head sensor can detects the abnormal strike by 10 seconds, Speednite will activate the SOS signal light and the Speednite App will notify your emergency contact.


Headlight Modes

The headlight of Speednite comes with four lighting modes. The are Full Light, Half Light, Flash and Fast flash modes.



Speednite is weatherproof, so you can do cycling on rainy days.


SPEEDNITE: The First Head Motion Controlled Lighting Stem for Bikes


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