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SPEEDNITE is a next generation stem for bike or ebike with ALL-IN-ONE DESIGN that features integrated tiltable headlight and left / right laser indicators, they both can be controlled by tracking your head motion through a small head motion sensor which attached on your helmet easily.
Smart Tiltable Headlight
SPEEDNITE integrated with smart headlight featuring the tiltable movement with maximum 90° angle which can be controlled by Head Motion Sensor for real-time tracking your sight focus in order to increase the visibility of the road ahead. >> More
Side Laser Indicators
The built-in left / right side laser indicators can also be smart controlled by Head Motion Sensor for real-time tracking your left or right head motion respectively to determine left or right turn indication signals projecting on the road to let other road users to be aware of your turns. >> More
Integrated Cycling Computer
With 1.44” front color screen, support third party BLE cycling speed sensor, BLE cycling cadence sensor and BLE heart rate sensor connections. It can be connected to SPEEDNITE app and easily record and save for training purpose. >> More
Head Motion Sensor
SPEEDNITE features head-motion controlled headlight and laser signals through a small Head Motion Sensor attached on your helmet that detects your head movements as you ride for controlling the lighting of Speednite. >> More
Wireless Handlebar Remote
Apart from the head motion control, you can manually control SPEEDNITE via a small size multi-functions remote which is easy to install and remove. It also provides an emergence button for easily turning on a hazard light signal from SPEEDNITE. >> More
Other features
SPEEDNITE also comes with other features. >> More
Auto SOS Warning
When head motion sensor detects the abnormal strike, SOS signal lights will be turned on and APP will auto-dial your emergency contact.
Auto Brake Signals
Speednite also can sense when you suddenly slow down, brake signals will be turned on for the rear light.
Rechargeable Battery
Built-in rechargeable battery with micro USB charging port. Approximate Battery Life: Up to 29 hrs (800LM:3.6hrs / 400LM:8hrs / Flashing:9hrs / Lighting Off:29hrs)
Splash proof
SPEEDNITE features splash proof / weather proof, so you can do cycling under heavy rain weather.
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SPEEDNITE: The First Head Motion Controlled Lighting Stem for Bikes


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